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Looking to move in Spokane?

We are a Spokane moving company dedicated to keeping your furniture and house-hold items safe and secure.

 We understand that all the stress that comes from planning your move can be overwhelming! As you’re moving either to or from Spokane, WA, we are here to make it easy.

Our Spokane Professional Movers are here to ensure that you can have your relocation and still be satisfied with all the potentially tedious things that occur during a move.

We are customer focused and wish to provide a stress-free move into your new home!

Let Us Help You Move!

To ensure the greatest comfort in your move, you will need a company that gives you the best service.

TrueNorth Moving Company offers:

  • Full Service Moving Into Your New Location
  • Full Service Moving Of Specialty Items
  • And The Removal Of Donation Quality Items

We are looking forward to working with you and to ensure that you have a safe and pleasant moving experience. Contact us and discover how we can meet and exceed your expectations for your commercial moving needs. 

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